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How To Practice Online Typing Test for SSC CGL Exams?

Access 250+ Online Typing Tests for SSC CGL Exams: Overview

The Online Typing Test for SSC CGL examination now incorporates an online typing test, a significant shift from manual typewriters. Candidates must achieve a minimum typing speed of 27 WPM (English) or 30 WPM (Hindi), with accuracy being crucial. The test spans 10 minutes and features passages of varying lengths. 

Proficiency in both English and Hindi typing is assessed. Familiarity with QWERTY keyboards, special characters, and numbers is vital. Practice plays a pivotal role in success, with simulated tests recommended. Adapting to the online environment is key, as is avoiding common mistakes. Overall, a strategic approach and regular practice are pivotal to excel in the SSC CGL typing test.

Online Typing Test for SSC CGL
Online Typing Test for SSC CGL

SSC CGL Typing Test Rules

The Online Typing Test for SSC CGL, now in an online format, demands precision and proficiency. Candidates choose between English and Hindi, aiming for a minimum speed of 27 WPM (English) or 30 WPM (Hindi) with impeccable accuracy. The test lasts 10 minutes, emphasizing efficient time management. Typing errors incur penalties, underlining the importance of accuracy.

Mastery of special characters and numbers is essential, as is minimizing backspacing. Adherence to instructions, no extension of time, and maintaining focus are crucial. Practice through simulated tests is advised. Composure, no communication, and vigilance under supervision complete the key rules for success.

How Much Percentage is Required for The SSC CGL Typing Test Exam? 

In the SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level) Typing Test, candidates are required to achieve a minimum typing speed of 27 words per minute (WPM) in English and 30 WPM in Hindi. The evaluation is based on both speed and accuracy. There is no specific percentage requirement for the typing test; rather, candidates must meet the designated speed criteria to qualify for this phase of the examination. It’s important to note that candidates should focus on achieving the specified typing speed to succeed in the SSC CGL Typing Test.

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How to Practice Online Typing Test for SSC CGL Exams?

Practice Platforms: Use reliable websites/platforms for SSC CGL typing test practice.

Keyboard Familiarity: 

Get comfortable with the QWERTY layout. 

Practice locating keys without looking.

Language Choice: Decide on typing in English or Hindi for the SSC CGL typing test.

Realistic Goals: 

Start with modest typing speed goals.

Gradually increase SSC CGL typing speed while maintaining accuracy.

Posture and Technique:

Sit ergonomically with wrists off the keyboard.

Use proper finger placement.

Regular Practice: Dedicate consistent time slots for typing practice.

Official SSC Software: Utilize official SSC typing software if provided.

Simulated Conditions: Practice in an environment similar to the actual test.

Accuracy Emphasis: Focus on precision before speed.

Gradual Speed Increase: Start increasing typing speed after achieving consistent accuracy.

Special Characters and Numbers: Practice typing special characters and numbers.

Mock Tests: Take full-period mock assessments time conditions.

Performance Analysis: Review and identify areas for improvement after each practice session.

Stay Composed: Maintain composure and focus during the actual SSC CGL typing test.

Feedback and Evaluation: Seek input from others for constructive feedback.

Consistent Practice: Regular, focused practice is crucial for success.

Positive Mindset: Stay patient and positive throughout your practice.

Gradual Progress: Work steadily towards achieving the required typing speed.


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