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SSC CHSL Typing Test Updates [2023] – Here’s Complete Details

Overview: SSC CHSL Typing Test

The SSC CHSL Typing TestCommission assesses typing proficiency in English and Hindi. It’s a qualifying phase, not affecting final merit. English requires 35 words per minute, Hindi 30 wpm. The passage is randomly selected around 200-250 words. Eligibility is posted Tier-II of the Staff Selection Commission with minimum qualifying marks. 

Familiarity with computers and adherence to instructions are vital. Regular practice, keyboard familiarity, and focus on accuracy are key. Time management and mock tests help simulate the exam environment. In essence, the SSC CHSL Typing Test demands consistent effort, accuracy, and speed for success in this crucial phase.

SSC CHSL Typing Test

Syllabus for Typing Test for SSC CHSL

Tier-I: Computer Based Examination

General Intelligence and Reasoning

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

Semantic analogy, symbolic operations

Figural pattern-folding and completion

General Awareness

History, Geography, Culture, Economic Scene, General Polity, etc.

Current Affairs, Scientific Research, Awards, and Honors, etc.

Quantitative Aptitude

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistical Charts, etc.

English Comprehension

Reading comprehension, fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

Error detection, sentence structure, one-word substitution, etc.

Tier-II: Descriptive Paper

Essay Writing

Applicants must compose an essay based on a provided topic. Typically, the prescribed word range is 200 to 250 words.

Letter/Application Writing

Candidates have to write a letter or application based on a given scenario. The word limit is around 150-200 words.

Tier-III: Skill Test/Typing Test

Skill Test for Data Entry Operator (DEO)

Candidates need to demonstrate proficiency in data entry using a computer.

A speed of 8,000 key depressions per hour is required.

Typing Test for Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant, LDC, and Court Clerk

English Typing: Candidates have to preserve a pace of 35 phrases according to minute.

Hindi Typing: A speed of 30 words per minute is required.

Detailed Guidelines for SSC CHSL Typing Test

1. Typing Speed Requirements

The SSC CHSL typing test evaluates a candidate’s typing speed, measured in Words Per Minute (WPM). For English typing, a minimum speed of 35 WPM is required, while for Hindi typing, it’s 30 WPM. This means candidates must be able to accurately type at least 35 words in English (or 30 words in Hindi) within a minute.

2. Language Options

Candidates have the option to choose between two languages for the Typing Test – English and Hindi. They can select the language they are most comfortable typing in. It’s important to note that the chosen language will be the one used during the entire test, including the passage provided for typing.

3. Test Format and Duration

The Typing Test typically involves typing a given passage on a computer. The passage is randomly selected and generally consists of 200-250 words. Candidates are required to kind the passage correctly inside a precise time frame, which is typically 10 minutes. The test is designed to evaluate both speed and accuracy.

4. Keyboard Layout

Candidates must be familiar with the QWERTY keyboard layout as it is the standard layout used in the Typing Test. It’s crucial to know the placement of keys without having to look at the keyboard. This familiarity helps in achieving higher SSC CHSL typing speeds and accuracy. Practicing on a QWERTY keyboard is essential to perform well in the test.

5. Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Accuracy Over Speed
  • Punctuation and Formatting
  • Spelling Errors
  • Practice Regularly
  • Time Management
  • Use Shortcuts 


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