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Complete Information About UP Police SI ASI Typing Test Software

The UP Police SI ASI Typing Test Software has become an integral part of the Uttar Pradesh Police Force recruitment process. To join this force, candidates must efficiently navigate this test. Understanding the Unicode Inscript Keyboard Layout is crucial for success in this evaluation.

Understanding the UP Police SI ASI Typing Test Software

Purpose and Significance

This typing test holds significant weight in the selection process as it assesses a candidate’s typing speed and accuracy, both vital for police roles that involve extensive documentation.


Test Structure

The test typically comprises sections for typing speed, duration, and scoring criteria. Providing detailed insights into these aspects prepares candidates for what to expect.

Importance of Unicode Inscript Keyboard Layout

Explanation of Unicode

Unicode is a standard encoding system representing text in various writing systems. Its relevance lies in enabling consistent digital communication across different platforms and languages.

Insight into Inscript Keyboard Layout

Detailing the specific Inscript Keyboard Layout preferred for the test helps candidates understand the required keyboard setup.

Mastering the Inscript Keyboard Layout

Overview of Inscript Layout

Breaking down the key features and design of the Inscript Keyboard Layout assists candidates in understanding its structure and functionality.

Usage Guidance

Offering practical tips helps candidates efficiently familiarize themselves with this layout, enhancing their typing proficiency.

Practice Resources

Recommendation of tools and software facilitates practice sessions, aiding candidates in becoming comfortable with the Inscript Keyboard Layout.

Eligibility Criteria

Break down the qualifications needed to apply for the SI and ASI positions:


    • Educational Requirements: Specify the minimum educational qualifications (usually a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university).

    • Age Limit: The candidates must be aged between 21 years to 28 years.

    • Physical Standards: Explain the physical fitness requirements, including height, chest measurements, and endurance tests.


  Note:- Total of 653 Vacancies have been announced for the post of Assistant Sub Inspector in Clerk & Accounts – Group C. And total 268 vacancies announced for the UP Police SI.

Police SI ASI Typing Test Software

Category Wise Vacancy Details

The department has released a total of 653 Vacancies for the post of Assistant Sub Inspector in Clerk & Accounts – Group C. Check the department wise vacancy below.

Here’s I attached a screenshot of the general physical requirements:

UP SI ASI Category Wise Vacancy

UP Police SI ASI: Physical Eligibility

The physical eligibility criteria for the Uttar Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector (SI) and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) positions typically include various parameters such as height, chest measurements, and physical endurance tests. 

Here’s a breakdown of the general physical requirements:

UP Police SI ASI Physical Eligibility


Summarizing the significance of understanding the UP Police SI ASI Typing Test Software and mastering the Unicode Inscript Keyboard Layout underscores the need for consistent practice and dedication to excel in this critical evaluation.

This comprehensive guide aims to prepare aspiring candidates for success in the UP Police SI ASI Typing Test, covering all essential aspects from understanding the test structure to providing resources for effective preparation.


FAQ: UP Police SI ASI Typing Test Software

In Uttar Pradesh, eligibility for the Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) position typically requires candidates to hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, be between 21 to 28 years old, meet specific physical standards, and possess Indian citizenship. Additional criteria may include language proficiency, clean background records, and meeting medical standards.

The role of an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in the police force is vital, involving overseeing tasks like maintaining order, conducting investigations, and supervising constables. It offers respect, career progression opportunities, and stability. However, it can be demanding with irregular hours and high-pressure situations. Overall, it’s a significant position within law enforcement with responsibilities and opportunities for advancement.

ASIs can potentially advance to become DSPs in many police departments by meeting specific criteria: educational qualifications, gaining experience, clearing departmental exams, and following internal procedures. This progression is subject to departmental policies, availability of higher rank vacancies, and competitive selection processes. Requirements and procedures vary between departments.

The salary of an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) in the Uttar Pradesh Police typically ranges between ₹35,000 to ₹45,000 per month, including allowances and benefits.

The salary of a Sub-Inspector (SI) in the Uttar Pradesh Police generally ranges between ₹35,000 to ₹50,000 per month, including various allowances and benefits. The actual salary can vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and additional allowances.

ASI oversees constables, assists in investigations, and is mid-level. SIs lead investigations, manage teams, and have more authority. SIs have broader responsibilities and higher authority than ASIs, offering greater career progression opportunities within the police force. Choosing between them depends on career goals and the desire for increased responsibility.

ASI stands for Assistant Sub-Inspector.

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